Our Presentation Folders are a great way to present your company documents or brochures in a neat and professional manner.

They are printed on 400gsm Silk stock for a sturdy & hardwearing folder - we can print it single or double sided and you can choose from a range of capacity sizes and/or shapes, to make it more hard-wearing we even matt laminate for extra durability.

Why are Presentation Folders important?

If you're providing your customers with quotes or tender documents along with a company brochure, presenting them in a professional manner raises your customers impression of you. So whether that's a simple, elaborate or fun folder, make sure you're reinforcing your name with a well produced Presentation Folder.

A Reminder of Services

Maybe you're meeting with a long term customer, this is a perfect time to put together your services and packages in one handy folder. Remember it's not your customers job to do business with you! It's ever more important with long term customers as they can become used to using you for only one service when there's more you could be providing.

Professional Appearance

Presentation folders show you've put care and attention into the contents, so whether that's a quote, a tender or a complete pitch, handing out Presentation Folders not only reinforces your brand but it will ensure the content is on hand longer.



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So if you're looking to attract new customers, don't delay in getting in touch with us and talking through your new presentation folders, send us an email now or call us on 01933 698 123.