Roller Banners

Sometimes called Pull Up Banners, nowadays Roller Banners come in all sizes - there is literally one to suit all occasions. Our most popular roller banner is 800mm wide and 2000mm high. It rolls neatly up and stores in it's own padded carry bag.

We print all our roller banners with UV cured ink for maximum durability and longevity and we print onto a hard-wearing grey back material which helps reduce light showing through.

Pop-Up Banners

Our most popular Pop Up banner system is the Impact Pop Up and we provide 2 fantastic bundle deals for these units. We pair them with everything you need to get started for an exhibition - but we don't stop there, the use of these stands are endless so talk to us if you need any help.

Promotional Items

The main-stay of exhibitions.. pens, mugs, USB sticks & stress toys etc. The promotional item (done correctly) still has a place in business. BUT and this is a big but, it needs to be relevant to your business. Don't spend money on items that aren't going to relate to your customers and provide some value. After all, you want them to keep hold of them dont' you?

Lanyards & Name Badges

Exhibition Literature