Environmental Policy

This Document was revised in October 2011
Environmental Policy Statement

Blue Star Print Solutions recognises that many of its supplier’s activities have some impact on the environment. A central part of our business is the delivery of services with minimal environmental impact. We aim to do this directly through our business practices and indirectly by influencing our suppliers and clients.

Our aims are:
  • The prevention of pollution and reducing our effect on the environment during all of our pre-press, printing and direct mail activities;

  • Meet, and where appropriate exceed, all relevant UK, European and international environmental legislation and regulatory codes of practice;

  • Review all of our activities, operations and procedures to identify, quantify and evaluate their environmental impact and set priorities for addressing these;

  • Minimise any negative environmental effects caused by our operations and activities, recommend and advise that our clients’ projects employ recycled materials and that all plastics used in mailings are biodegradable, use energy and natural and non-renewable resources efficiently and minimise waste and pollution;

  • Take environmental factors and whole life costs into account when making decisions about property acquisitions and leases;

  • Use the most resource-efficient technologies and media for communicating and maintaining records of documentation;

  • Take measures to increase staff awareness of our environmental performance and individual environmental responsibilities and ensure that environmental management is included within our staff induction and training programmes;

  • Review and revise this statement at least every three years;

  • To manage and monitor our environmental aspects;

  • We aim to minimise impacts arising from travel, resource use and waste;

  • To purchase, where practicable, environmentally superior products and services from suppliers who have demonstrated a commitment to good environmental practices;

  • To set objectives and targets within a management framework for environmental performance improvement and review them regularly to demonstrate our commitment to continual environmental performance improvement;
  • Signed:
    Date: 1st October 2011